Monday, October 11, 2010

Family Fun Night...

Yesterday was family fun night, the theme...Clowning Around! Pretty much our evening revolved around food and fun. My little lady and I dressed up. She loved getting her face painted!
We used the circus tent I had made and hung it over the table.
For the rest of the table I already had these items...a popcorn box, plastic plates (I used these same plates for our rainbow night a couple months ago. I bought them at Target.), the straws I had leftover from last Christmas.
On the Menu~
French Fries
Cotton Candy
Animal Crackers
Animal cookies

Here is what I spent:
Materials for the circus tent $20
Food- I had to buy all the snacky stuff (some of it I got at the dollar bins at Target, I love that!) $8
Costume items- face paint & wig (my little lady's costume was a Christmas gift last year from Grammie M, I thought it worked perfectly!) $12
Tickets to the Circus $60 (I will blog about that tomorrow!)
Total $100 I usually don't spend this much for a family fun night, but every once in a while, there should be a special one!

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