Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tortilla Pizza

Easy and yummy! Someone told me about making pizza using tortillas instead of making pizza dough. While living in PNG, I had to make pizza from scratch and now we prefer it over frozen pizza from the store or ordering it from Pizza Hut, Dominos, etc. The only problem is, it takes time to make it from scratch! However, not the tortilla pizza! All you need is some tortillas, spoon on the sauce, add your choice of toppings and cheese. Into the oven at 425 degrees and in 6-8 minutes its done! I've always loved thin crust pizza and this was just perfect! We aren't big sandwich people for lunches, so this is another easy lunch time meal to make!

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  1. Hi Melissa!

    This looks yummy! We are going to have it for lunch today!! Also, just had to let you know I made your bean and cheese burritos last night for dinner......I will never go back to canned refried beans again! Thanks for sharing the recipes.....I really enjoy them!