Monday, August 2, 2010

real life, one day at a time...

1 thing you might not know about me...I love to cook but hate making breakfast! Probably because I'm not a morning person!

Pondering these words..."mommy cuddles me!" (This is what I'm hearing as I write this. My little lady is suppose to be going to bed, but wants a little cuddle time...precious moments!)

Unexpected blessing...rain! I love that it rains here in our new town! It reminds me of PNG and I missed it terribly while we were living in Cali! You don't know how much you love something until you don't have it or don't have it very often.

Reading...just finished my Esther Bible Study by Beth Moore. Trying to figure out what I will do for my quiet time, before I start a women's bible study at church at the end of August.

Eating...I had some yummy fish tacos today!

Hoping hear from my brother and sister-in-law this week...she's about to have a baby. Will it be a boy or a girl???

Excited man and his excitement for what he is learning in the academy!

Artistically attempting to...make some headbands for my little lady.

Remembering...That I only have 3 weeks before I start Grace's preschool curriculum for this coming school year. Yikes! I have a lot to prepare but I'm so looking forward to it! Because if she has it her way, she wants to go to school for kindergarten and not mommy teaching her. The real desire is...she wants to ride the school bus! little lady how to shuck corn!

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