Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"No witness is more effective than an undeniable observation that God is with us and has worked wonders in our behalf."

"Try to grasp that we are the only reminder some people ever get that God lives, forgives, loves, and remains in control."

~Beth Moore

My little lady was working on a puzzle while I was trying to do my bible study this morning. So, of course there were several interruptions, as she needed my help. One time, I just stopped and said a quick prayer to God..."no matter how many interruptions I may get Lord, I am so thankful that you are still faithfully here, waiting for me." I know that I'm in a special season of my life as a mom of a little one. And even though sometimes I just long for those quiet, alone moments with God...I know that God is at work in an amazing way. I hope and desire that one day my little lady will look back and see that each day I tried to have time with my Lord. Not because that is what I should do but rather because that is what I desperately need to do. As I journal to God most days, He hears my praise, my worries, my struggles, my hurts and my hopes. I hope that one day when my little lady is ready to leave the nest, she will have seen the undeniable work of the Lord in my life. I know that I will never be perfect and at times will fail, but I know that God will continue to transform me into His masterpiece. My heart longs to hear my Father speak to me through His Word! It is something I crave...but sometimes struggle to get that because of all the demands of this world. It is easy to be torn away from my time with the Lord, but I know that if it doesn't happen then Satan is just waiting to have a hay day with me.

What gets in your way of spending time with the Lord?

If you are a mom like me, praise God the next time you get interrupted...because in a short while, those interruptions will be no longer.

Make time for Him...there is no doubt in my mind that God will bless you for the time you do spend with Him, regardless of how big or small. Not only are you being a great witness to your kids, but God is pleased and will use it to glorify His kingdom.

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  1. Amen Melissa! I love this post and my prayer is the same - that I can model for my girls a women who seeks God and that they will seek Him for themselves in everything. Also, thank you for the reminder that our time with them is so short and God has given them to us to exercise our patience and love in every circumstance. Your blog inspires me!