Monday, August 23, 2010

first day of the new school year...

We started the morning off right with some Swedish Pancakes! My little lady helped me cut up the strawberries. I figured since we are beginning a new school year, then she ought to learn some new skills in the kitchen too. Pretty soon she will be chopping everything up for me!

We began new curriculum today, here are some of the materials I will be using this week. I found an amazing website last year and I will be using it again as I home school my little lady for her last year of preschool. Each week we have a key memory verse, bible story and a character trait. Of course, I will be teaching her different math elements, writing and reading too! Homeschooling can definitely be very overwhelming, but I'm excited to teach her and get her ready for kindergarten!

All summer we have been working on the alphabet, concentrating on her learning all the sounds. We made art projects to go along with each letter. We hung them around the house as garland to decorate for the new school year.

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