Monday, March 24, 2014

goodbye weekend, hello monday!

did you have a good weekend?  we did!

i watched this and thought how precious it was!  pass the tissues, please!
saturday night, date night...burgers and Barnes & Noble.
sunday riding!
some of you may roll your eyes at this...yes, i made my own mayonnaise.  i think i just heard someone "sigh".  yes, i realize there is a whole aisle at the grocery store full of condiments and it's really easy to pick up a bottle of mayo.  all i've ever done, was buy it at the store.  but i wanted to try to make it because there is so much crap in store-bought mayo.  bad stuff that we really shouldn't eat, but it taste so darn good!  so, i figured i would give it a go!

you want to know what i's super easy to make!  i wish i would have done this when we lived in PNG.  it took all of a few minutes and was like a science experiment watching it thicken up!

don't worry, i'm not one of those who it's homemade mayo or nothing!  i will still eat store-bought mayo from time to time, but this was worth the few minutes it took to make and tasted better in my opinion, plus i like really knowing what i'm eating!

i used this recipe.

lastly, i leave you with this...a little footloose to start of your monday morning blues!
hello...Kevin Bacon, you're a cutie!
hello...tonight show, you crack me up! spring break and a week off!
hello Monday!

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