Wednesday, November 13, 2013

just another day

some days seem to fly by, while others drag on.

a few days ago, it was one of those days, that i couldn't wait for nighttime to arrive.   partly, because i'm exhausted and wanting quiet time to myself.  it's the way i recharge.
however, that was several hours away and i needed a little glimpse of excitement in my day.  i grabbed my camera and went outside to take a few pictures of my energetic children.

they both are quite characters!  as much as we have enjoyed our little foster girl in our home, we are all looking forward to getting back to normal.  she will be leaving in a couple of weeks and i think we all will appreciate our simple family of 4.
God has made it clear to us that 4 is our number.  we are meant to just be a family of 4.  it has been exhausting in so many ways, however it has given us closure that 4 is really what is best for us.
i've never have been so tired in my life...i know, i already said that, but really it's true.  just being honest, no pity party here.

if you know someone who does foster care...
give them a huge hug
bring them a meal
take them out for coffee
listen to their frustrations

i can testify, it's hard...really hard!  as far as i'm concerned, they are angels for caring for kiddos that need a home.  especially ones, who do it for years.  i know, i couldn't.

i'm thankful for this opportunity
grateful to care for one of God's children
humbled beyond belief
exhausted, but i know that God will honor it and give me more strength
overwhelmed by the love and support we have received from family and friends
and one day, i will look back and be able to see what God has taught me through this process, but for right now, i know He has given us closure and for that i praise Him!


  1. Love your honesty sweet friend! And sure love seeing the pictures of your crazy kids!!!

  2. Thanks for trusting us with your feelings and being vulnerable. The first picture of J is adorable!