Tuesday, July 9, 2013

weekend randomness

my saturday morning began with a visit to the flea market with my friend, Andrea.  no, i didn't buy more globes, but it was tempting!
then it was off to home depot for a kid's workshop.

we came home and i decided to clean out the garage.  i probably should have take a before picture so you could really see my deep-rooted problem that i have.  i'm a collector...of junk!  for a creative person it isn't junk, it's just stuff that you could use to create something else.  stuff like bubble wrap, packing peanuts, empty containers, empty egg cartons, etc.  that black bench was covered with stuff, but it's now in the recycling can.  i did keep a little...just that one little box, so that many more art projects can be created!  my husband may laugh at me and the things i keep, but i would rather have that, than kids that don't know how to be creative or use their imaginations.  
we cooled off with watermelon slushies. i just blended up chunks of watermelon in my blender and froze it in my canning jars.

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