Friday, January 4, 2013

goals for 2013

i'm kinda of weird and like setting goals for the year to come. i've collected some books to help me along the way. it helps me to stay focused on what i should be doing. i don't always accomplish all of my goals and i'm perfectly fine with that. however, it does help me to re-evaluate and plan for the upcoming year. i have learned over time to hold my plans loosely, because often times God has taken me in a different direction. the effects of this have caused me to become a much more laid-back and relaxed person and one that is much more flexible. i'm thankful that God has grown me in this area, that if plans change, it doesn't bother me like it used to. i'm thankful that God's plans are far better than my own. there are a lot of things i desire for this next year. some will happen, and other things won't. ultimately, i desire to be used by God and do whatever He sees fit for me. i'm sharing some of my goals, but holding them loosely, because i know that God may hold a different direction. i'm excited to see which of these things will actually happen and what new things will be added to the list, because of what God brings into our lives.

a list for 2013...
physical goals
exercise 3 times a week
continue to eat healthy and find more gluten-free recipes
get new glasses
spiritual goals
do daily devotions with the kids
read the bible in one year with my little lady
memorize more scripture
do dinnertime devotions
family goals
date night with the kids once a month
date night for me and my man once a month
do 2-3 family fun nights each month
go on a road trip
home projects
build a chicken coop and get chickens
finish painting the outside of the house

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