Wednesday, October 31, 2012

my random day

a busy morning. a busy week.
got my little lady dressed in her halloween costume and stopped by her school during her party.
went grocery shopping.  it seems like my days revolve around it, fix it, eat it...repeat.   can't we just not eat for a couple of days???
went to the library.
made lunch.
made granola and bread.  see what i'm talking about...

i've got the holidays on my brain.
i'm speaking tomorrow at my MOPS group..."Plunge into the holidays without drowning."
i'm looking forward to it!

since i've been thinking about the holidays, here are some fun things i've found...

i just love these utensil holders.  i've already printed them off and have them ready to go!

easy and cute thanksgiving garland.

we have to make this turkey!

what kiddo wouldn't love to doodle on these cute placemats!

i just watched this yesterday.  my cousin is an amazing designer in new york.  check it out!


  1. Oh Melissa,

    I completely understand how you feel your day revolves around food! I feel the same way!!! Too funny! Good luck speaking to your MOPS gals. Can't wait to see pics of the kids dressed up ;-)

    Love ya + miss ya!

  2. Sounds like a good week girl! I feel like a schlep after seeing your cousin's house. Holy @#*$!!! Amazing!