Tuesday, September 11, 2012

weekend randomness

on saturday, i had a hair appointment that i went to and happened to stumble upon an Italian festival going on. it just happened to be in the same area as my hair salon. i'm not a big Italian food lover, but i loved looking at all the art. in different areas of the festival, there were people doing chalk drawings. i wanted to jump right in and help them, but then i would have probably been yelled at... they probably would have thought i had gotten a hold of some vino or was just some crazy lady.

i look at this and it is just begging me to play with it!

we also has a chance to go downtown. i just love going downtown! we had beautiful weather and i got to hang out with my two guys!

 we saw this cute ice cream shop.  a milk can...genius!

three things i love...
sitting outside for lunch
fish tacos
my two guys...my little guy was more fascinated with the trash truck going by than his momma taking his picture.  i mean really, what's better than a trash truck???