Monday, May 14, 2012

mother's day

i'm very blessed.

God has blessed us with two amazing children.

two children that i didn't give birth to but grew in my heart as i waited for them.

mother's day can be a day of mixed emotions for me.   i realize that my mother's day is full of laughter, joy and treasures from my children.     i get lots of kisses and cuddles. and time spent feeling special that day.

but there is another mother out there and her heart is heavy too.  i have to imagine it is heavy with sadness, loss and pain from the unknown.  she knows that the child she gave birth to is not in her arms on mother's day.

my mind thinks about her often.  although i'm forever grateful to her, i grieve for her too.  because even though adoption is beautiful it began in brokeness and pain.  whether it is a birth mom whom chooses to give her child up for adoption or one where for certain reasons her child is taken away from her, it's a loss.

i don't want to forget her. because without her, i would be empty-handed.

even though i've never met either one of my children's birth moms, we are linked together.

i'm thankful for her love.

that she chose to give her child life.

and that i'm the one who God entrusted to be their adoptive mom.

i'm very blessed. 


  1. SO made me tear up. Those kids are so blessed to have you guys for parents! Miss you!

  2. That was beautiful Melissa. I'm so grateful those mom's chose to do the best thing for their child. In your family is where they were meant to be. Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Such a beautiful way to see Mother's Day! You are an inspiration!