Friday, March 30, 2012

resurrection garden

i saw this idea in a magazine a few years back and it has been stuck in my memory and this year we finally got around to making it.

a shallow pot about 12" in diameter
one small pot potting soil
wheat grass seeds (soak the seeks for 24 hours before adding them to the dirt)
a rock large enough to cover the opening of the smaller pot. 

we first read one of the kid's Easter books. we talked about where they took Jesus after he died on the cross.
we went outside and filled the larger pot with dirt. the smaller pot, was used to make the cave. we used water during the process to mold the dirt into the right shape.
then we added the seeds.
our garden is growing!   easter week, we will add 3 crosses to the garden.


  1. Love it......going to remember that for next year.....thanks for sharing your creativity!!!