Monday, March 12, 2012

princess and the frog party

we had our little lady's 6th birthday party this weekend. she asked for a princess and the frog themed party, since princess Tiana is her favorite princess.
i had a lot of fun creating the decorations for her. the tissue paper flowers, turned out really cute...thanks Darci, for the idea!
on the menu~
swamp juice
tea sandwiches...
peanut butter & jelly
 egg salad
 nutella, marshmallow creme & strawberries
frog cupcakes for dessert
the kiddos made mama Odie and frog masks.
lunch was served.
then the kids decorated crown cookies.
we are so thankful for all the friends our little lady has!
last but not least, we sang happy birthday to our little lady and enjoyed the yummy cupcakes.
i know this was a long post, but i wanted to capture the party for those friends and family that could not be with us!

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  1. Super cute party Melissa.....and an even cuter birthday girl!!! Please give her birthday hugs from the Haneys! PS~ the garland is lovely!!