Thursday, January 26, 2012

i {heart} the book of James

i just wanted to share how much i'm loving studying the book of James! i love his boldness, he doesn't sugar coat anything he says! sometimes, it stings when you read it or is like a dagger to the heart, but it challenges me to change. i've memorized up to verse 21. i'm getting close to finishing the first chapter of James, which is going pretty well, since i still feel like my head is at capacity for things i can remember. case in point...the other afternoon i went to the grocery store to pick up milk, eggs, cereal, etc. when i got home, i forgot to unload them! i didn't even remember that the food was still in the car until the next morning, when i was looking for the milk to pour on the kids' cereal. i know...super sad, my memory is failing me! however, i'm still learning my verses but that is definitely through God's divine work and not my own!

here are some ways i'm practicing my verses...
when i'm cooking dinner.
when i'm driving, i say them out loud.
when i'm working on a project. the other day i was making felt hearts which doesn't take too much concentration and i was able to have my bible right there and learn some new verses.
in the shower.
and i say them to my man as he is getting ready for work.

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