Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 days of giving thanks

too often i find myself taking for granted all that i have, focusing more on maybe the things i don't have rather than what i do have. it's easy to do, i'll be the first to admit it.

it's easy to get our priorities mixed up or start to have the attitude of entitlement...like we deserve it. i really struggle with that phrase..."we deserve it" or "i deserve it because..."

i know this may sound really harsh but we really don't deserve a single thing. it's not something our culture would say and hard for even me to say. of course there are things i desire and want...i'm just as selfish as the next, but i know that there is really nothing i deserve.

what i deserve is nothing without my Father's grace and mercy that He has bestowed upon me.

i want to be intentional about what i do and i'm going to focus on giving thanks to the One who does deserve it!

i'm thankful for...
cute little chalk-filled hands in the middle of summer!

God's word.

really where would i be without it? a quote from one of the ladies in my bible study, "7 days without God's Word, makes 1 weak." So true!

firewood...the warmth that it will supply us during the next several months. i would rather be hot and sweaty than cold!

a fun evening with my family last night. it's the simple things of carving a pumpkin together, that i cherish!

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