Wednesday, October 19, 2011


i always love to reorganize and change things.

my parents can attest to that. growing up, at least twice a month my room was rearranged. i never asked for help moving the furniture, but my parents always knew what was going on...melissa, at it again.

we've lived in our house for a year and it was time to shake things up in the kitchen.

while my little lady was at kindergarten, and my little guy was napping, i had 2 blissful hours to reorganize my kitchen.

i wanted a bit of background noise, so this was playing and i got busy cleaning.

out came everything and i changed it up a bit.

this is as clean as it will ever be.

i'm sure in a couple of hours it won't look like this again!

but it makes me smile for the time being!


  1. I love organizing and de-cluttering as well!! Two of my favorite blogs that I use for inspiration are: and

  2. Too funny!! I do love that feeling of de-cluttering and cleaning too!!!