Thursday, September 8, 2011

cardboard cars

for my little guy's birthday, i wanted to make cars out of cardboard boxes. my little guy had never seen the first CARS movie, so i thought it would be fun to have the kids sit in their cars and watch the movie, like they were at a drive-in.

i started with a medium size cardboard box that i purchased at the home depot. i cut some of the top lid off and used the pieces to form it into a car. i used blue painters tape to tape the pieces together.

i made lightening mcqueen, filmore and tow mater. i used a piece of poster board for the front of filmore, so that it would have more of a curved front like a true vw bus.

my man helped me spray paint each of the cars.

then i began decorating them, to give them their unique look.

i just loved the way they turned out. to see pictures of the kids in them, go here.

i'm sure we will have more drive-in nights to come!

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  1. i like the idea. i think i could go with this just for the sake that it looks good for a storage. :)

    thank you for the idea.

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