Wednesday, September 14, 2011

bible study & art

two things i love...

God's Word and art.

really, for me, getting to be fed spiritually and creatively, really doesn't get much better!

i love being creative because it does some of the same things for me as reading the energizes me, brings me peace and fills me up. it helps me from feeling frantic, crazy and on some days feeling like i'm going to lose it.

we all have those days...right? like we are a second from losing it.

if i miss a day without time in God's Word, then i probably do lose it. it's a battle, but everyday i try to get fed because i desperately need it. i need to feed my soul.

it's what keeps me going, brings me peace and has allowed me to be so much more relaxed, spontaneous, and full of joy!

what gives you energy or fills you up?

1 comment:

  1. Yes Melissa, I have those days. I once heard that running is meditation for those who can't sit still. That is me alright! Running fills me up. I would actually love a recommendation of a devotional book from you. What is your favorite?