Sunday, August 28, 2011

our adoption story...part five

after about 9 months of paperwork, classes, and visits with our social workers, we received a phone call on a wednesday afternoon. actually, a message was left on our answering machine. neither one of us were home. my husband had been at work and i was at church, preparing for a special event that was coming up. my husband got home first and checked the machine. he listened to it and called me on my cell phone. he told me that we had received a call from our social worker telling us we have been matched with a child. the only details they gave us was that the baby was a girl, 6 weeks old, her birth mother had relinquished her at the hospital, she was in a foster home and she was caucasian.

i left the church right away and went home. we called our social worker back right away. she told us to come in friday morning and they would present us with everything they knew about the child. we were excited about the possibility that this could be our future child. we prayed a lot together before the meeting...asking God to give us clarity if this was the child He had for us. we decided to clean out the spare bedroom just in case. we hadn't prepared a nursery, the room was still being used as an office. actually, we didn't have any baby things.

on friday morning, we met with a team of social workers and they presented everything they knew about the baby, birth parents, etc. they gave us a few hours to think about it and a couple of pictures of this baby girl. could this be our child?

there wasn't any information that scared us or we weren't unsure about. we were surprised that the baby was white. we lived in a very diverse area and were told you will never get a white baby. which was ok with us. we were also told that there is a higher probability it would be a boy too. which we were ok with that too. we also had prepared to probably foster a couple of kiddos first, until we would finally adopt one. it was just the kind of program we were going come into the county system for lots of reasons...neglect, abuse, etc. and we knew that it could be awhile before we would be able to adopt one. we weren't using a private adoption agency. we knew that we would most likely be foster parents for a bit before we would became adoptive parents.

we both felt walking out of that meeting that this was the child God miraculously intended for us.

i guess God wanted to defy the odds...
we were told you won't get a girl...we got a girl!

we were told that the child won't be caucasian...she's white as can be!

we were told to expect to foster some kiddos before you will be able to adopt one...we got a little baby girl, ready to be adopted right away.

to be continue...

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