Wednesday, July 6, 2011

real life, one day at a time...

1 thing i'm thankful new allergy medication! i know it will help!

pondering...who was vote off this last week you think you can dance??? thank goodness for hulu! it's my favorite summer show!

unexpected sister is coming to visit again! it will be short but we can't wait to see you, lala!

reading..."Knowing God by Name" by Mary A. Kassian i'm preparing for the fall bible study class i will be co-leading.

excited...about our upcoming block party!

hearing...the thunder and rain outside my window. i love summer showers!

eating...fajitas and spanish rice for dinner.

artistically...attempting to make some throw pillows for my bed and family room this week.

remembering...our 4th of july celebration in PNG 2 years quickly time flies!

tired...from my workout with jillian. since my little lady has swim lessons the next couple of weeks and it's at the same time as my abs class i go to at my rec center, i'm working out with jillian instead! i checked it out at the library...and it's a good workout!

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