Sunday, July 3, 2011

patriotic waffles

this morning i made patriotic waffles for my family.

first, i made up my waffle batter. then, took some of the batter and made it red using food coloring.

i put the red batter in my squeeze bottle.

i put a layer of batter in the waffle maker and added blueberries for the area of the flag that is blue. then squeezed on lines using the red batter for the stripes.

i think they turned out really cute after they were done cooking!

we also decided to decorated them a bit more with whip cream, strawberry slices and more blueberries.

everyone loved them!

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  1. I love these!! We did them with fruit last year and plan to do them again, but I may have to throw in a little whipped cream. We just used bananas! Whipped cream is so much more fun.

    Thanks for linking up!!