Friday, July 29, 2011

our adoption story...part two

i got home from africa and the next day i was back to work, the new school year was about to begin. a little jet lagged and caught up in the the excitement of teaching my second year to a group of 3rd graders kept me busy. however, i did find time to share with my husband what God had placed on my heart while in africa.

i told him stories of Kibet and the love that i felt for this little guy and that one day, i wanted to adopt. my husband, never thought i was crazy, nor did he ever object to the idea. he was very supportive! he knew that God had sent me to africa for that very reason.

we both knew that the timing wasn't right then. i was just 2 years out of college, not even married for 2 years yet and we both wanted to enjoy that special time together as a couple and working before we had kids. i had never wanted to have kids right away. i think there is something so special about just being 2. we discover more about one another, had time to travel, grow in our faith and grow together as a couple. some people say they want to have kids right away, but for me there has been nothing better for our kids now, than parents that have had time to grow and mature before kids came along. i know that the 6 years before kids, were treasured times! those years, gave us a foundation for what was to come.

one of our goals for us as a couple was that when the time came for us to start a family, we wanted for me to be able to stay home with the kids. so over the six years we planned for it. we bought a house that we could live in only on one income. we saved as much money as possible while i worked. and we decided we would never have credit card debt. we knew that these things were critical to the life we so desired when it came time to have kids.

so life carried on after my trip to africa. we bought a house. got a puppy. found a good church. started serving at church. continued to travel, and spent time with great friends and family.

after 2 more years of teaching, the desire to have a child came knocking. i don't think either of us were ready for the journey that was ahead, but we were ready to be parents.

to be continue...

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