Tuesday, July 12, 2011


two big milestones in our household today.

the first, was our little guy's 1st time to a movie theater. We saw this...
i was a little hesitant to take him for 2 reasons.

one...i had heard mixed reviews from friends that they did or didn't like it.

two...he has never watch a movie before or tv for that matter.

but, he absolutely LOVES playing with his vroom vrooms(cars). seriously he is crazy about anything that has wheels...including tractors, dump trucks, trash trucks, etc.

a couple of weeks ago he pitched a fit as we were walking into target. there was an armored truck there and he thought it was the greatest. how dare i want to go into target.

needless to say, they both LOVED the movie. his favorite was mater...he got so excited when mater was on the screen. our little lady thought finn missle was the coolest.

secondly, and a bit bigger milestone...our little lady learned to ride her bike with no training wheels.

she has been ready for awhile, but needed to build her confidence.

i told her at the end...

me: "i'm so proud of you! you did it!"

her: "mama, i did it because God was with me!"

me: "absolutely!"

those words make my heart so happy!

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