Thursday, June 2, 2011

packing for 4 in 1 suitcase

the other night i was talking to one of my friends...she will remain nameless.

i told her we were going on a trip and i was going to pack everything in one suitcase.

i think there was laughter on her part...probably because it does sound a bit crazy...but i love a good challenge.

well...i was able to make it work! maybe it's because i've had a ton of practice! i thought i would share a few of my secrets with you.

no. 1~ gather everything you are taking before placing it in the suitcase. i just piled it on the floor next to the suitcase.

no. 2~ first, lay any articles of clothing that are bulky in the bottom of the suitcase. this was all 6 pairs of my husband's shorts.

no. 3~ second, roll up all shirts, kids clothes, pj's, etc. and place in suitcase. rolling them up, allows you to get a lot more clothing to fit and also, helps the clothes from becoming wrinkled.

so what do we have...
6 outfits for each person...24 total!
8 pairs of pj's
lots of underwear, socks, etc.
4 bathing suits
1 package of diapers & 1 package of swim diapers
3 packages of wipes
make-up bag
1 travel bible
4 pairs of flip flops

not too bad for a week worth of fun!


  1. WOW!! You can come and pack for me anytime!! Whenever we go somewhere, I'm always the person with extra bags!! Where are you off to? Hope you have a great time!

  2. I can't get my jaw off the table! I take my hat off to you super packer! I am impressed and I was laughing when you said you could fit it all in one suitcase...not even quietly!