Thursday, June 16, 2011

our little guy

we are going on two months of having our little guy and it's hard not to post tons and tons of pictures of him. believe me, i've been taking enough! i guess, it will just have to wait until november, when his adoption will be final.

i thought i would share some things with you...

he has a love for eating...i'm out eaten by him every morning.

he has a love for cars, trucks, and trains. everything has a sound effect!

he is a cuddle bug!

he loves being outside.

he has come so far since we got him...he would scream and cry on the swings and slide at the park. not now...he can't get enough of them!

he has a high piercing cry and tears that can flow instantly.

he was very quiet when we first got him...not anymore...lots of chatter!

he loves riding on the back of daddy's bike.

he's a great sleeper...sleeps from 8 to 8. i know, some of you might want to kill me for saying that. i have a feeling he might be a night owl like his momma eventually.

he can give some mean looks...we call it mean muggin' when he does it.

he quickly learned what "uh oh" meant...time out.

he has the nicknames...bud, bugaboo, jojo, bubba, and waterworks. i'll let you figure out who gave what names to him.

he has grown up so much in just the short time we have had him!

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  1. Awesome on the 12 hour nights!! We have those here as well and it drives all of my friends crazy-he he!
    I can not wait to see pictures of your little guy and little girl together. I can just imagine the sibling love they must have for each other!