Tuesday, May 17, 2011

gotcha day

yesterday, was my little lady's gotcha day! the day we celebrate when we first got to lay our eyes on her and hold her. to us, this day is very special and we love to celebrate the beauty of adoption! i can't believe how beautiful she is and what a gift God gave us!

we let her pick where she wanted to go for lunch and it was thai. she loves pad thai! our little guy enjoyed it too!

she was very pleased to have a gotcha day present!

the evening ended with burgers and strawberry cupcakes.

sweet girl...
i love that you have a love for life and are adventurous! oh, the places you have gone and the many that lie ahead.

i love your faith in God and how it comes out at different times! you encourage me!

i love your sense of humor, your cross-eyed looks, your dancing and singing at the top of your lungs!

i love the love you have already shown your brother...you are going to be an amazing big sister!

i love that around every corner, there is something new for you and the world lends a thousand new opportunities for you!

my prayer is that your love for God will grow deeper, your love for life will bloom in more vibrant color and you will serve Him with all your heart!

i love you...my sweet hallow girl!


  1. This post made me cry!! I love what you wrote for your dear daughter! I love that you celebrate gotcha day!! What a special tradition!

  2. Love your adoption story my husband and I adopted our two sons. We love adoption and it is the Fathers heart. Thanks for sharing your story. If your interested you can find our story at wwwlifebyjone.wordpress.com.
    Happy Monday