Wednesday, April 13, 2011

hanging pictures

now that the painting is done, i've had some time to hang some pictures around the house. i still need more things up on my walls but it's a start.

i finally got around to framing my little lady's hand prints. i've been wanting to frame the one set since she was one years old. since she is now five, i thought it would be fun to do another set so that we can see how big she has grown! i hung these in my basement...which doubles as my craft room and play room.

the old frame i found at an antique store. it's really old and has great charm. i used it to frame in a chalk board which is made of metal. i love the look it has hanging against the brick fireplace.

lastly, these are prints i ordered off of etsy and are hanging in my living room. i found all the frames at the thrift store and painted them antique white.


  1. i have a picture-hanging phobia. It takes me a few years to decide where to hang one thing. can you help me???

  2. I love it Melissa! You are too creative! I need you to give me some lessons in. . .well everything!