Wednesday, April 27, 2011

baby on the brain

sorry i've been m.i.a.

our little guy is doing great! he is adjusting very well...eating good, sleeping good and loves playing! he fits in great with our family!

i'm trying to get back into the swing of things of having a little one. these came in the mail today...back to diaper duty!

i used cloth diapers with our little lady when we lived in PNG and decided to use them again with our little guy. it may not be as convenient as disposables, but it's a lot more cost effective and they are really easy to use.

the next thing i need to work on...a diaper bag. i haven't carried one since our little lady was two. how quickly you forget about all the baggage you carry around when you have a little one!


  1. Good to hear that he is adjusting well!! So exciting!! Yes, the diaper bag stage....always so much to bring w/ a baby!!! I'm hoping to be out of that stage real soon....

  2. Congratulations, Melissa! And good on ya for using cloth. It's a bit more work but worth it, for the environment, and for the bank account too! We've used cloth with both our girls. And sometimes it helps to have some encouragement - so good for you:) Just for your info, we use "read schmear" for diaper cream with cloth diapers, because the zinc diaper creams clog the fibers of the cloth diapers. we love it!