Friday, March 18, 2011

turning 5!

today we had our little lady's birthday party. i can't believe it's her 5th birthday! where did the time go???

before the party, we took rainbow jello cups to preschool to share with all of her friends.
she came home from preschool with this on...
my little lady was so excited for her friends to come!
we did a couple activities...

making rainbow play dough cookies. recipe found here.
the mommies had a good time making the cookies too!
making eye-spy bottles. i got the idea from here.

we had rainbow fruit
and rainbow cupcakes.

opening presents.

i just love her a ton...happy birthday!


  1. I LOVE your blog!! I have been a 'lurker' for about two months! I adore all of the crafts you do with your daughter and I can not wait to do some of them with my kids once they are a bit older. Please keep on posting all of your neat ideas!! I look forward to reading your blog everyday!! Thank you so much for sharing your life!

  2. Love your party! Looks like such a fun time and love your creative ideas, as usual! =) Thanks for taking the time to post on your blog!

  3. oh and happy birthday to your little lady!