Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lent & Easter activities

i thought i would share about some of the activities we are doing as we prepare for Easter. my awesome friend, Kristen wanted to know, so I thought why not share it with you all!

Shrove Tuesday

the meaning of Lent
make pom-pom chicks
take a walk and look for signs of spring
plant flowers
nightly devotions and light another candle on our wreath

Different names to describe Jesus
i wanted to pick different names that Jesus is called to help my little lady have a better understanding of who He is. each week we will focus on one of the names. our last week we will focus on the events of Holy week. i've picked a key verse for each week also.

Lamb of God
march 13-19
verse: John 1:29
make lamb hand print

Light of the World
march 20-26
verse: John 8:12
play “follow the leader”
talk about the power of prayer
make pretzels- pretzels have been a symbol for prayer. it symbolizes the crossing of your arms and placing your hands on your shoulders, which in earlier days it was a type of prayer posture.

The Good Shepherd
march 27-April 2
verse: John 10:11
make sheep cookies

The Resurrection
april 3-9
verse: John 11:25
the butterfly is one of the most beloved symbols for Jesus’ resurrection. just like the stages a butterfly goes through, (caterpillar, inside the chrysalis, then a beautiful butterfly emerging) it becomes a new creature. the butterfly symbolizes how miraculously He came back to life.
butterfly activities:
butterfly habitat
dip-n-dye Butterflies
caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly art
butterfly baggie Snacks
begin 12 days of resurrection eggs

The Truth & The Way
april 10-16
verse: John 14:6
stain-glass cross art

Holy Week
april 17-24
beginning with Palm Sunday, read through the bible each day as to the events that transpired during the last week Christ was alive.
read "The Colt and The King" by Marni McGee
make a Lent and Easter garden
make a craft that involves palm branches
make hot cross buns
go to Good Friday service
dye Easter eggs

make an Easter Basket with a message about Christ
Red- stands for Jesus dying for me.
Brown-stands for Jesus’ grave
White- stands for the angel that said “He is risen.”
Green- stands for the new life we receive when we chose Him.
Yellow- stands for the light that we must be to the world.

i hope this may inspire you all or also acted as a place to share your ideas. so...if you have something you do...please share!

even if it is simple...

i love simple...

we all do!

ok...start sharing!!!


  1. I can not wait to see all of your posts about your Easter crafts!!
    My kids are quite young but I have been telling them the Easter story as well as reading books about Easter. We have made some Easter cookies as well as some rainbow cupcakes. I'm planning on finding some simple pre-school crafts yet.

  2. Have you seen the jelly bean prayer - I'm doing a Lent-long activity with it tied to character traits and behavior.

    Maybe I'll post later.

    Google it - it's sweet!