Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine's Day shirt

I wanted to make a Valentine's Day shirt for my little lady! About a month ago, I bought some plain shirts at Old Navy that I've been wanting to embellish for her.

My supplies~
2 types of fabric
1 white t-shirt
Sewing Machine

I used my computer and printed out the letters "L, O, E" and I cut out a heart shape. These became my pattern.

I ironed on the Steam-A-Seam to my fabric. It's better to follow the directions on the package, than me try and explain how to use it.

I then pinned on my letters and heart shape and cut them out.

Once it was all cut out, I placed the letters and heart and ironed over it. The Steam-A-Seam helps to glue the letters/heart to the shirt, but it is not permanent.

Lastly, I used my sewing machine and sewed them to the shirt for them to stay on permanently.

My little lady loved it and had a great time posing for her picture while standing on her hands!

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  1. What sweet pictures! The shirt looks adorable! Nice work! :)