Tuesday, February 8, 2011

real life, one day at a time...

1 thing I'm thankful for...laughter among friends!

Preparing for...Valentine's Day! We got some fun books at the library!

Uxpected blessing...my little lady and I had a wonderful lunch yesterday, eating fish tacos and talking about Anthony's Fish Grotto (a place in San Diego we LOVE to go to!) It's a place I went to as a child and now my daughter loves to go there too! Who knew...fish tacos would be such a big deal in our family!

Realizing...my little lady is growing up too fast! I registered her for kindergarten yesterday!

Eating...a toasted chicken sandwich and chips.

Hoping for...a couple days of sunshine. We have had one storm after another and lots of snow!

Excited about...a globe I purchased at a local thrift shop. I have a love for maps and globes, probably because I love to travel! I have always wanted a globe that lit up, but they were always too expensive, until now...I only paid $2.99!

Artistically attempting...to make a wreath with a bunch of yarn.

Remembering...that I have a dentist appointment next week. I love getting my teeth cleaned...I know...I'm weird!

Teaching...my little lady about honor.

After lunch, I was sweeping the kitchen, when I heard the dryer beep. About a minute later, I hear my little lady making some noise in the laundry room and the washer turn on. I thought to myself, "what is she doing?" I hurried down to the basement, where our laundry room is, almost about to yell at her for playing with the washing machine. Instead, I was greeted by her saying..."mommy, I honored you! I got more clothes washing for you." Sure enough, she did just that! She had taken the clothes out of the dryer and placed all the "whites" in the washer and started a new load. She is just such a good helper and has really gotten the concept of honoring others with her helpful actions!

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  1. Quite the little lady! Oh I do hope to see her again soon, she was crawling last time we saw her!!!!