Friday, July 16, 2010

Family Fun Day

Theme~ Rainbow
Inspiration~ During preschool this week, I've been teaching my little lady about Noah and his faithfulness to follow God. I had checked out several books at the library about Noah. My little lady loves books, but even more, loves the story of Noah... building the ark, all the animals on the ark and God's promise to Noah at the end. I wanted to have the end of the week be a celebration of the rainbow and what it symbolizes to us. I love it when I see a rainbow in the sky! It's just beautiful visual reminder of God's love for us and His faithfulness to keep His promises!
We made rainbow pudding pops for dessert. I just took one box of instant vanilla pudding mix and mix it with milk and then divided it up into 6 bowls. I added food coloring to each and then layered each color in small plastic cups. Then into the freeze it went!

The table decorations were really simple. I just laid butcher paper down and then used streamers and weaved them together. Then, I hung balloons from the light. The plates I already had and plan to use again for another family fun day.

We also did an art project...finger painting. We worked on mixing primary colors together to make secondary colors. She really liked this! Then we worked on making a rainbow painting.

On the Menu~
kabobs...I tried to find meat, fruit and veggies to match the colors of a rainbow.
colors of the rainbow snack included marshmallows, coconut shavings, cherries, peaches, apricots, carrots, lemons, bananas, celery, pickles, blueberries and craisins.
rainbow pudding pops

I had all the food on hand, so that didn't cost me a thing. I did buy the streamer and for a night of fun it was less than $5. Not bad! And I've also added the streamers and balloons to my supplies to use again in the future. I thought if our night wouldn't have gone by so fast we could have also watched Veggietales Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Noah's Umbrella.

So, have you done anything fun together as a family lately? I would love to hear about!

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