Friday, June 18, 2010

Old Glory Country Fair

Today my little lady and I went to a good ol' country fair! Definitely your shabby chic kind of fair, with a ton of cute things! I came home with 2 vintage suitcases from the 1930s and an old milk carton crate. I already had 2 suitcases but wanted a couple more to be able to stack and use as an end table next to the couch. Plus, it will be great storage for the things I don't use on a regular basis. The milk crate I'm using in the living room too. It's used to store my little lady's library books. The entire time I was at the fair, I thought of you Darci...wish you were with us!

Here is our new couch and chair...finally we have a place to sit!


  1. i LOVE the suitcase idea! and the couch and chair are really nice, too!

  2. Oh Melissa I SO WISH I could have joined you and Grace!!!! What a fun day!!!! I love your furniture and fun suitcases stacked up :-) Boy, now I really wished we lived in CO....maybe one day we will live close! Love you my friend and love all of the fun pictures!!