Sunday, June 20, 2010

Family Fun Day

Theme: Cowgirl
Inspiration: Since Toy Story 3 came out and I knew my little lady would want to see it, I created a day around it using Jessie the cowgirl as the main theme.
Dress up as Jessie the cowgirl
Go see Toy Story 3
Eat a cowgirl dinner
Play some games

On the Menu:
BBQ chicken
corn on the cob
baked beans
watermelon cut out in western shapes

I bought 3 red handkerchief and sewed them together for my table runner. I wanted to make her a Jessie costume without spending a lot. I had to buy a $5 shirt and added the felt that I already had. I tacked on red cording to make in look cow girlish. For the pants, I used an old pair of hers, you can see a rip in one of the pant legs. I covered it with cow print material, to make her chaps. I bought a cheap foam hat at the craft store to complete the look.

Other activites I brainstormed but we didn't do:
Go horseback riding
Play horseshoes
Go to a rodeo
Eat licorice on a rope
Watermelon seed spitting contest
Cook food on an camp fire
Eat homemade ice cream (We did make this but since my little lady didn't take a nap, she went to bed early without having it.)

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  1. melissa, you are a five-star mom!!! you're making so many special memories for grace! once i crawl out of the fog of newborn-life, i hope i can shine like you. :) you're the best!